Thursday, February 11, 2016


There are a number of agencies advertising their services on radio recently and they are all saying basically the same thing.

We are better at getting your property sold or managing it no matter what area your property is in.
This begs the question “Is that true?”

Let’s look at property management first.

Years ago we had to come to a decision regarding managing property all over Perth as opposed to dealing locally.

From talking to women who came to work for us from agencies with property from Tapping to Secret Harbour, it became obvious that they spent far too much of their time travelling between their managements, time they could have better spent if the homes were within a reasonable distance from the office.

In trying to let the property it also meant they had a choice of one only in that area, a handicap which also afflicts sales.

What is meant by the choice of one is that, if the tenant has chosen that area in which to live and a centralised office has just the one property in that suburb then it is take it or leave it.

Each advert we run for a rental in say Waikiki works for all our available properties in Waikiki, not just the one.

With sales the problem is the same, the choice of one.

An additional problem is local knowledge. A property manager or sales rep who is local will be able to answer far more questions about the area than one from out of town.

So the choice is clear.....always deal with the local agent.

Ross Cutten
Director, Noble Real Estate